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  Ubaldo M. Córdova-Figueroa


     Our work is currently focused on proposing fundamental theoretical models, simulation methods, and experimental techniques to study the spatiotemporal behavior of self-propelled colloidal particles, with novel applications in sensors, nanotechnology, lab-on-a-chip systems, and drug/cargo delivery.  In broader terms, our group addresses research and educational topics in fluid mechanics, transport processes, Brownian/Stokesian dynamics, colloidal sciences, and the mechanics of swimming of microorganisms and synthetic devices.






Maria Curet Arana

    Research interests within my group involve the use computational chemistry techniques to understand the fundamental processes that govern catalytic reactions and adsorbent/adsorbate interactions. Our research projects are aimed at unraveling reaction mechanisms, analyzing the electronic properties of catalytic materials, and predicting adsorption isotherms on novel materials. Our research relies on the use of (1) first-principles investigations for reaction pathway analysis, (2) hybrid methods, such as quantum mechanics/ molecular mechanics calculations for the analysis of zeolites and homogeneous systems, and (3) grand canonical Monte Carlos simulations for the analysis of adsorbent materials.